Great Resignation to Great ReShuffle- Our Strategy for Employee Retention

Why does an employee resign? Recent surveys have shown that apart from compensation there are a group of factors related to organizations and their leadership culture, quality and type of work, and the work eco-system that prompts employees to resign.

These surveys have also shown a shift, rightly quoted as the “Re-Shuffle”, where the employees who are quitting are making a switch in their career direction rather than abandoning the job market or switching to a similar profiled job.

Veersa Technologies is a young growing organization, and thus far has not had to face the challenge of the “Great Resignation”. This has not been just due to the stage of the organization but also because conscious steps are taken by us at Veersa to put in place a framework, which encourages an open work environment, nurtured with lots of empathy and trust in the workforce.

Here are a few pointers to describe the framework, which has allowed Veersa Technologies to have a very high retention metric in this environment of the Great Resignation:

1) The business model focused on generating meaningful and challenging work with lots of opportunities to learn and grow every day

2) A leadership team is chosen with great attention towards the cultural fitment and common beliefs towards work and people.

3) Careful selection and entry to the organization basis their deep passion for technology and work ethics.

4) No compromises on selection even to the extent that we had to say no to some businesses because we did not have adequate skilled people. We did not hire to just fill positions.

5) Focus on the value of the ideas rather than the hierarchy of the origin – any rationale idea supported with facts is encouraged even from the fresh graduates or new joiners.

6) Empowering employees by providing flexibility- be it in work schedules, work location, or career choices.

7) Encourage tech-stream switch within the organization, enabling the employee to enrich their profile and grow cross-domain.

8) Promote the culture of regular upskilling- we believe in learning while doing and regular mentoring and coaching our young Veersians.

9) Ensuring that everyone is having fun while working.

These are some of the many other nuances of our culture which make Veersa Technologies an engaging and empathy-oriented workplace.

In today’s high business opportunities and high talent demand market, it is imperative to focus on the right framework to ensure longevity and continuity in the workforce. Always remember that our employees are constantly checking their market worth in one way or another. This can be through an internal resource comparison or by evaluating their worth in the current job market.




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